An Interview with Shawn Tate

By Staci Civins

Meet Shawn Tate, EasyKnock’s dedicated Manager of Repairs. With years of experience under his belt, Shawn leads the team responsible for estimating the repair fund and ensuring that repairs are completed efficiently. Prior to joining EasyKnock, he served in the United States Marine Corps and Navy, experiences that have not only shaped his character but also contributed to his leadership and organizational skills at work.

Staci Civins: Hi Shawn, thanks for taking the time to chat with me today about your military experience. Let’s dive right in: What made you join the military?

Shawn Tate: I enlisted in the Marine Corps when I was 22, turning 23 during boot camp, and served for six years. After a five-year civilian break, I joined the Navy. My original plan was a six-month Navy stint so I could transfer back to the Marines, but life had other plans—I got deployed to Afghanistan. The driving force behind joining was a deep-rooted desire to give back and help protect my world. 

SC: Could you share some details about your roles in the military?

ST: In the Marine Corps I was in artillery, operating 155 mm cannons. In the Navy I worked in air cargo, responsible for loading and unloading aircrafts. When I went to Afghanistan I was attached to a Marine Corps air wing unit and worked in one of the warehouses that supplied billions of dollars in aircraft parts. 

SC: Any memorable moments you’d like to share?

ST: We faced rocket attacks pretty frequently in Afghanistan, they were using old Russian rockets that barely worked half the time, but were still being shot off randomly at the base. One particularly vivid memory was spending Christmas face-down in the sand during one such rocket attack, until we were given the “All Clear!”. Not how I thought I’d be spending the holidays.

On a lighter note, I was stationed on a NATO base so I had the opportunity to interact with military personnel from countries like Australia and Georgia, meeting diverse people with common interests.  

SC: What led you to EasyKnock?

ST: I was an Operations Manager at a large building distribution center which lacked work-life balance, long hour days and little time for family and friends. I needed a change and a friend who used to work at EasyKnock knew my background in construction and brought me on.  

SC: And here you are! How have your military skills translated into your role at EasyKnock?

ST: Organization is key. The military taught me how to juggle multiple tasks, especially under stress. That, and the confidence I gained, have been invaluable in getting things done here. You have this confidence about yourself from the things you’ve accomplished in the military and it’s carried with you, telling yourself that you can get these tasks done.

SC: What do you enjoy about working at EasyKnock?

ST: The work-life balance is what I was looking for, and remote work saves me commute time, allowing me to focus more on my tasks. But what truly stands out is the incredible team – The people I work with are amazing, everyone from Sales, Property Management and even up to our CFO. I think it’s a really great team that they’ve built here. 

SC: How does your military experience influence your everyday life?

ST: Being organized and an efficient multitasker are skills I use daily. The military honed my ability to step back, assess situations, and develop plans to address issues.

SC: Anything else you’d like to share about your military experience?

ST: I’m sure any time you speak to anyone about the military you’ll get a similar answer. It’s the lifelong relationships I’ve made because of the camaraderie that exists between us. I’ve connected with people I didn’t even interact with during service and have made lasting friendships because of a shared experience. 

I can talk with military people that I have zero idea who they are, but we instantly click. They open up with stories their family members and friends haven’t heard before, and It’s cool to be able to connect with someone because they know what you’ve been through and have been through the same things. That’s been the coolest experience. 

SC: How do you stay connected with military friends you’ve met in and out of service?

ST: Social media has kept old school classmates and military friends connected. It’s been a great way to check in and offer support, especially when someone’s going through a tough time. I think that’s probably one of the coolest aspects of staying connected through social media. Not everyone knows how to express themselves, and for some folks this is their way of reaching out.     

SC: Thank you for sharing your journey with us today, Shawn.


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