An Interview with Robert “Nev” Neville

By Staci Civins

Meet Robert Neville, better known as “Nev,” the Manager of Maintenance, Warranties, and Insurance Claims for EasyKnock’s Property Management team. Nev is not just an integral part of EasyKnock, but also a Veteran with rich life experiences that span from the Army National Guard to the world of property management. His journey is an inspiring tale of dedication, growth, and community involvement.

Staci Civins: Hi Nev, thanks for taking the time to chat with me today about your military experience. Please tell us about your background and why you joined. 

Robert “Nev” Neville: I enlisted in the United States Army National Guard 27 BSTB back in 2009 and served until 2017. I wanted to serve, but didn’t exactly know in what way, so I joined the Guard to figure it all out. 

SC: What were your responsibilities during your time in service?

Nev: I started off as a 94E, handling radio receiver and transmitter repair. Then transitioned to work in the motor pool dealing with vehicle and property maintenance. I learned to drive a truck and trained soldiers until a pretty serious accident changed things for me.  

SC: Any memorable moments you’d like to share?

Nev: Getting injured made me see the reality of the support system for Veterans. Things weren’t making sense for those in crisis, and as my time in the service was coming to an end, I decided to get involved in charities within the Veteran community. I could keep serving, just in a different capacity. This involvement helped me turn a negative situation into a positive for me. It was a very pivotal moment, a memorable one that set my entire life in motion, to decide to get back out there, helping people. 

 SC: What brought you to EasyKnock?

Nev: After the service, I worked as a maintenance tech and eventually became a home inspector for a large real estate company, I just kept working my way up until there was no place else to go. EasyKnock seemed like the perfect place for someone with my military and civilian background, so I moved companies and onto the Property Management team. Now, I can’t see myself anywhere else! 

SC: How does your military experience influence your role at EasyKnock?

Nev: Basically everything I’ve learned matters here, be it paying attention to detail, discipline, developing loyalty, leadership, or even the most important skill, communication. If you don’t have communication, you can’t serve the military, you can’t serve your customers, you can’t serve your company, and everything can just fall apart. 

Another big one is problem solving, it’s systematic. You have to think about everything that comes your way, and quickly. Everything from a leaky faucet to storm damage, taking care of not just the property, but our tenants, making sure they have everything they need during a crisis. 

SC: What do you like most about working at EasyKnock?

Nev: This company genuinely cares, right from the top. We’re not just buying homes; we’re providing a service and changing lives. By helping our tenants we are doing far greater things than just a job.   

SC: How do you incorporate your military experience into your daily life?

Nev: I’m the president of my local chapter Military, Firefighter and Cops Motorcycle Club (The MFC). It’s a non-profit organization that serves our community with a diverse membership.

I initiated this chapter to host monthly bike nights that are designed to raise funds and awareness for a local charity, Operation Rally Point, focused on helping Veterans with stable housing. 

Operation Rally Point helps Veterans in crisis by offering them and their family housing between 8 apartments that we run. We believe that there’s a housing problem among Vets, not just a job problem. Once you get someone in a stable place with a roof over their head, a warm bed, and a warm meal, then they can prioritize what comes next. We help those who are willing to be helped and have the motivation and personal accountability to help themselves. We give people a starting point.

SC: How did Operation Rally Point get its start?

Nev: The organization started off by getting to know the local homeless Veteran population by going to where they were at. We are not government-funded, but even with the $500 a month MFC raises, it goes a long way to pay for all the utilities in those 8 apartments. We offer more than just housing; we help vets get their lives back on track.  

We help them build their resumes, get them connected to the VA system, and we partner with local businesses to get them on-the-job experience and income to allow for a more stable household. 

SC: Is there anything else you’d like to add about your military experience?

Nev: My experience from the military was limited, but what I learned from it, and my mindset from it allowed me to always look for a better tomorrow. It gave me something to strive for, discipline, and camaraderie. I learned to never give up, and I have always come back stronger. 

It was a double-edged sword, both the toughest and the greatest experience of my life. I’ve come away with so much, including the best friendships with the type of people you can just talk to, or  sit down with and not even say a word and still have this incredible feeling of belonging. 

SC: Thank you again, Nev. I really enjoyed connecting with you about your experience in the Military and at EasyKnock.

Nev: Thank you, I love every minute of it!


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