An Interview with Jarred Kessler – Rehab Warriors Advisor

By Staci Civins
Rehab warriors

Jarred Kessler is not just the CEO of EasyKnock; he’s also a dedicated advisor to Rehab Warriors, an organization founded by Military Veteran, Andy Williams. Serving as the intersection where technology meets compassion, Jarred brings his business acumen to empower Veterans in navigating their way from military service to the civilian workforce. 

Staci Civins: Hi Jarred, thanks for taking the time today to discuss your involvement with Rehab Warriors. I know you’re not a Veteran yourself, but you have dedicated your time and energy as an advisor for this organization. I’d love to hear more about it. Can you give me your Rehab Warriors elevator pitch? 

Jarred Kessler: Veterans, who give so much in service to our country, often find themselves with limited opportunities upon their return to civilian life. What Andy is doing here is groundbreaking. He’s getting Veterans back into the workforce by providing affordable housing and job training in areas like property management, construction, and community revitalization. This gives Veterans not just employment but also a real sense of purpose and community. 

SC: How did you get connected with Andy Williams?

JK: Andy reached out a few years ago seeking advice, and we quickly became very good friends. The relationship turned into a two-way street, as he became an advisor for my own venture, EasyKnock.

SC: Why Rehab Warriors? Why focus on Veterans?

JK: I believe that if you can’t serve your country, the next best thing is to support those who do. I couldn’t serve due to a back surgery when I was younger, but even if I could, I’m not sure I’d have the courage our Veterans display. Supporting our military in this way is the least I can do.

SC: What special skills do Veterans bring to the table to help them succeed in their real estate goals? 

JK: Veterans excel in discipline, drive, grit, tenacity, courage, and grace under pressure. These traits make them ideal candidates not just for Rehab Warriors, but really for any employment opportunity. When I’m hiring for EasyKnock or anytime I’ve ever hired in my career, military Veterans tend to be some of the best employees. 

SC: What has had the most impact for you working with Rehab Warriors?

JK: The mission itself is deeply impactful, focusing on giving Veterans a renewed sense of purpose. Witnessing individuals who’ve served our country transition to a life of meaning—it doesn’t get more profound than that.

SC: What does the community aspect of Rehab Warriors mean to you?

JK: Community is about gathering people who share values and driving them towards a specific purpose. That’s precisely what Rehab Warriors is doing.

SC: Any final thoughts?

JK: Andy Williams is an incredible person driven more by intrinsic value than profit. He believes deeply that Veterans need and deserve a sense of purpose, and he’s devoted his life to that mission. I couldn’t have more respect for him.

SC: Where can people go to learn more or get involved?

JK: If you’re interested in learning more or joining the Rehab Warriors community, visit Rehab Warriors Website for more information.


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