Getting Started with Sell & Stay

By Tom Burchnell
sell & stay

At EasyKnock, we know selling your home is stressful and every situation is different.  In order to understand your particular needs, we designed our process to be simple and transparent.  

The EasyKnock Process

Step 1: Provide Your Information

The first step to an EasyKnock transaction is to fill out our qualification form. This will help us better understand your goals and if EasyKnock’s Sell & Stay could be your right choice. From there, we will schedule a call with you within 2 business days to tell you a bit more about the program and to learn more about your needs.

Step 2: We’ll Make You a Sell & Stay Offer

EasyKnock will present you with an offer to purchase your home and your monthly rent payment.

Step 3: Submit Documentation

We will send you a purchase and sale agreement and the lease you will be signing and having notarized. We use basic forms for both, but we always advise people to ask an attorney for help.

Step 4: Clearing the Contingencies

We always perform an appraisal and inspection that requires a third party to visit your property. This is typically the only time we need to visit prior to closing. We will do a title report and address any concerns at that time.

Step 5: Schedule the Closing

We can typically complete a transaction faster than a typical home sale or lending process. Stay in the home as a renter with no disruptions or expensive moving costs.

Key Takeaways

EasyKnock’s sale-leaseback solution, Sell & Stay, is a simple and effective way to convert your home equity to cash without having to move out. Consult a financial advisor to decide if EasyKnock is the right choice for you.

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Sell & Stay
Tom Burchnell
Written by Tom Burchnell
Director of Product Marketing

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