EasyKnock Customer Success Story: Ronda

By Amanda Hoey
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EasyKnock customer, Ronda, endured financial hardship and instability. By turning to EasyKnock, she has managed to get back on track and keep her family in their home. Here’s her story.

When Ronda, an English teacher on the path to getting her Master’s Degree and becoming a school principal, found herself in the middle of a divorce, down to only one income while falling deeper into debt and still trying to maintain a normal life for her two children, she knew she needed to start looking into her options.

Priority One: Stay in the Home

EasyKnock customer, Ronda built her home in Sugar Land, Texas in the year 2000 and has made countless precious memories raising her children, playing with her dogs, celebrating holidays, laughing, crying, celebrating, and so much more. The idea of having to potentially leave her home due to financial instability just didn’t feel like an option.

“I remember when this was all grass and deer. I love this home because I picked everything out from the floorplan to the brick. This home has character. I raised my children here. It’s my home. It’s simple, but I love my life.

The Texas native tried all the traditional methods to help herself out of a stressful predicament. She explored banks, loans, and refinancing, but was rejected each time due to her credit score. That’s when she found EasyKnock. 

“I gave them a call because I thought it would be good for me and my family to help us maintain stability and normalcy,” Ronda says. She immediately got started on the Sell & Stay process and within 6 weeks, she was an EasyKnock customer. She had sold her home to EasyKnock, had a lease to stay in it as a renter, had the cash she needed, and was ready to start working toward reaching her goals.

So what was EasyKnock’s real selling point for Ronda? “I could stay in my home. That was the bottom line. That I could stay here while working out my financial challenges. That was it.” Home and family are most important to Ronda and becoming an EasyKnock customer provided her with a flexible way to get back on track with her finances without sacrificing the home she loves. 

“I was determined to keep my life exactly the way it was and to stay in my home. With EasyKnock, I converted my home equity into cash to take care of things and keep my life as normal as possible,” Ronda explains. 

EasyKnock Customer Service

“Whenever there is a challenge or difficulty with the rent, I communicate with them and they are always open to working with me. They check in on me and communicate openly with me. They’ve been supportive of me through everything. I would recommend EasyKnock because they are decent, fine people.”

When Ronda faced the devastating aftermath of the Texas winter storm in 2021, she found her beloved home flooded, without power, and with no running water. “When the storm came, I thought everything was going to be okay. And then I walked into my bedroom closet and saw water everywhere and realized this is really bad. I was really scared and totally overwhelmed.” 

When EasyKnock customer Ronda struggled to find the most basic things like water, she began to fear for her children’s safety and struggled with what to do next. 

“And then I called EasyKnock and they said, ‘Don’t worry about anything. Right now, we are going to take care of you.’ They got me and my kids out of the house and into a hotel,” says Ronda. “EasyKnock helped me through this time. We were in a hotel for a few months while they took care of all the repairs to our home.”

Ronda expressed her gratitude for EasyKnock’s support during such a difficult and scary time, recalling how a member of the EasyKnock team even brought bottled water to her home one night when she was unable to find any around her. Ronda explained that “they gave us certainty during a time of uncertainty.”

“If I didn’t have EasyKnock, that would have been a really difficult time for me. I would have had to stay with relatives.”

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Ronda’s Future After Being an EasyKnock Customer

After taking the steps she needed to get back on track with her finances, Ronda is ready to begin the next phase of her life. “I’m working toward getting my credit score up a few points and I’m going to repurchase my home this year. I’m very proud of that,” she explains with a smile. “I went through the challenges, the hard times, I fell on my face but I’m back up and I’m going somewhere.”

Becoming an EasyKnock Customer

The top priority of EasyKnock is customer well-being and helping them reach their goals. We aim to help more people like Ronda to achieve their dreams and maintain stability during difficult times.

When it feels like you’re out of options, when you have been rejected at every turn, when you feel ready to throw in the towel, EasyKnock is here to help. When you work with EasyKnock, you get the time and money you need to work toward what matters most to you.

If you want to learn more about how becoming an EasyKnock customer can help you, reach out to an EasyKnock specialist today.

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Amanda Hoey
Written by Amanda Hoey
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