EasyKnock CEO Named to 2022 HousingWire Vanguard

By Amanda Hoey
EasyKnock HousingWire Vanguard

Jarred Kessler, EasyKnock CEO and Founder has been recognized as one of the top executives in the housing industry by HousingWire Vanguard. 

Every year, the HousingWire Vanguards chooses a group of industry executives who are moving the housing market forward. This year, EasyKnock is proud to announce that CEO and Founder, Jarred Kessler, is on that list.

Jarred Kessler was honored to be recognized as an industry veteran who has worked tirelessly to help shape today’s housing landscape. Each and every leader showcased on this list has carved a unique path for themselves, picking up invaluable knowledge along the way to help them better strategize and lead their organizations, and Kessler is no exception. Congratulations, Jarred!

You can check out his profile below to learn more about Kessler and his most notable achievements to date.

Who is Jarred Kessler?

Jarred Kessler, CEO, and founder of EasyKnock, is an industry thought leader and vision-driven entrepreneur with a mission to redefine the real estate industry and empower American homeowners to achieve personal and financial success. Through his leadership, professional excellence, and guidance, Kessler has led EasyKnock through a year of immense growth. He increased strategic partnerships with real estate agents, brokerages, home builders, and others by offering their clients access to sale-leaseback products and helped partners broaden their customer bases.

Kessler led EasyKnock through the completion of a $57 million Series C funding round in 2022 and launched several strategic initiatives, including the acquisition of FarmlandFinder, the first online sale-leaseback platform for farmland. Additionally, Kessler has led the team in broadening its overall customer base, aiming to expand the reach of Americans who benefit from innovative solutions, helping them to take control of their finances and plan for the future.

What Has Been the Secret to Your Success? 

Having grit above all else. It is imperative that you have a resilient spirit and perseverance in whatever you are working toward.


You can read Jarred Kessler’s full profile here.

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Jarred Kessler
Amanda Hoey
Written by Amanda Hoey
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