EasyKnock Acquires Home Management Platform Onder

By Meela Imperato
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EasyKnock, the first technology-enabled residential sale-leaseback platform, today announced its asset acquisition of Onder, a property maintenance solution built with homeowners in mind to make it easier to own a home. The transaction is integral to furthering EasyKnock’s development of its marketplace by offering consumers solutions for every stage of the homeownership journey.

“This acquisition is a key addition to EasyKnock’s extensive suite of products and services, allowing us to expand our offering and continue to empower families nationwide,” said Jarred Kessler, CEO and founder of EasyKnock. Onder CEO and Co-Founder David Krieger will be joining as chief product strategy officer. “Between Onder and ten years spent leading product strategy at Expedia, he is the perfect fit to lead our existing product strategy, expand Onder’s solutions and take our marketplace to the next level.”

Through the acquisition, Onder’s services will simplify the home maintenance process for EasyKnock marketplace customers. The platform manages all maintenance, repairs and upgrade needs to help customers save time, reduce stress and ensure a safe, well cared-for home. Combined with EasyKnock’s existing property management team, the company plans to establish the first nationwide property maintenance platform for homeowners.

“I am thrilled to join EasyKnock’s mission to solve real problems for American homeowners,” said David Krieger, former CEO and co-founder of Onder, and the new chief product strategy officer of EasyKnock. “This acquisition is a natural fit as Onder complements what EasyKnock has already accomplished, and together, we will continue to expand products and services to help more homeowners.”

Recognizing that everyday Americans are deserving and in need of a new approach, the marketplace will benefit customers with convenience, cost savings, and the competitive edge afforded by the combination of multiple services.

Deal terms were not disclosed.

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Written by Meela Imperato
Senior Director of Brand and Content, Real Estate & Finance Journalist

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